An old book and some new ones

This is, as far as i remember, my first book in english, my godmother gave it to me as a present when i was in elementary school. It was my favourite because of the beautiful illustration. The years went by but i kept it and a few months ago i was still browsing it with my son which he also likes it a lot. 

We say a few words in English but we mainly do conversations about the several themes that has in it, for example the seaside, the kitchen, the garden, the farm, the country, clothes, professions etc. and it's that he likes the most.

After all these years the book is damaged and i thought i could search for a new one. Although the Greek publishing company which had brought it doesn't exist anymore i've searched directly for the British one. 
The Usborne books are my favourites and there is a vast range of wonderful books for every age (baby to Young Adult).

I was very happy to find my favourite book again updated.
Since my son loves stickers i bought the one with the stickers and i couldn't resist and bought some others too 



A few days ago i was in a book shop and it was a pleasant surpise to find out that Patakis Publications brought some Usborne Books in Greece. You can find some in english here and some fun books in this section.
Enjoy the moments you read books with your little ones!

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  1. I have also myself many books from elementary...they are vintage now! hahahaha

  2. οκ...φοβερο ποστ αλλα μας θυμιζεις πρωι πρωι ποσο μεγαλωσαμε!!!! χαχαχαχα

    να 'σαι καλα Ειρηνη!

  3. Those are very appealing to me, they remind me of being a kid. I'm visiting today from Fun Friday. :)