From the beginning to the end

I usually start with an idea and working on it, in my mind. I never sit down with a blank canvas, it never works for me on the contrary my mind becomes empty and i can't draw anything.
When someone comes and says : Can you draw me something?
I block and maybe the best thing i can do, is this...

i take my time and when i finally decide what i want to draw i want extra extra time.
I start with a lot of enthousiasm, while in process i become very discouraged, thinking: what is this?
Because even if i 'm sure of what i 'm going to draw the drawing never ends up the way it was supposed to be in my mind.  
 Nevertheless i enjoy this procedure because it's like the drawing leads my hand and not me.
So, this is what happened with the following paintings...
I was in a vintage and pop art mood and i was thinking of making some cats for a nursery room riminding the Andy Warhol's portraits of Marilyn but i ended up with a cat and a dog, with some yarn whiskers, trying to mantain my vintage mood.


I caught a star falling yesterday!

Hello everyone! Today's post is a very sweet exception because it's not about kids but it's about feeling like a kid and here is what i mean.
Yesterday returning home from work i found a surprise package from Zina which is a very sweet person and a very good blog friend. Although i haven't met Zina in person yet, she's being very helpful, kind and generous.
This wonderful present is a part of a game that you can read about it among other interesting posts in efzin-creations.blogspot. Yellow is one of my favorite colors because it's a bright and positive color so i couldn't feel more thrilled when i opened my surprise, i felt like a kid!
Thank you Zina! You rock!