Hi! I am Irene, a cad drafter from Athens. What i love most is art in all of its forms. I have studied fashion design, cad aided design, painting and hagiography. Since i became a mother my interest spontaneously turned into art for kids. I like making unique paintings for kids using several materials. I get inspired from everything and everywhere.

 "La Camera Felice" means "The Happy Room" and every kid's room should be full of colors, light, laughs, sweet dreams and art in order to be happy. Here you can find posts of my creations and everything that draws my attention regarding art, books, tutorials, giveaways, activities, excursions involving always our little ones!
 I'm looking forward for your comments or just a simple hello here or @ lacamerafelice@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as i enjoy making them!

You can find my creations below :